NASMHPD’s Center for Innovation in Health Policy and Practice

NASMHPD’s Center for Innovation in Health Policy and Practice promotes trauma-informed practices in the delivery of services to people who have experienced violence and trauma and are seeking support for recovery and healing. They may or may not have a diagnosis of mental health or substance use disorders, and may experience traumatic impacts from the experiences of violence that have strained social connections in the family, in the workplace, in childrearing, in housing – and that may have led to consequent health and social problems – all of which need to be addressed in a trauma-integrated approach. The widespread interest and attention to trauma has substantially raised awareness and understanding of the long lasting impact yet systems often stop there and become confused on the culture change needed to implement approaches that prevent retraumatization and promote safety.

Technical Assistance

The Center provides training, technical assistance and consultation to organizations, institutions, systems, and communities seeking to implement trauma-informed approaches. Costs vary depending on type of training and number of days.  A proposed budget will be sent detailing costs once application is received. For additional questions, email or call 703-682-7555.

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Trauma-Informed Care Curriculums

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