Social Marketing

These social marketing resources for system of care communities were developed by the SAMHSA-funded Caring for Every Child’s Mental Health Campaign team, which was a collaboration between NASMHPD, Vanguard Communications, Youth MOVE National, and the Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health. The Campaign was funded through Fiscal Year 2018. Below are a sampling of commonly-requested social marketing resources developed by the Campaign.


System of Care Cooperative Agreements that are currently funded by SAMHSA should seek social marketing technical assistance through the University of Maryland’s TA Network.


Other organizations or entities seeking social marketing technical assistance, including State Behavioral Health Agencies, are welcome to contact NASMHPD. Additional social marketing instructional materials, training, and consultation may be available. If you'd like to discuss your needs and/or have questions about how we can help, please contact Leah Holmes-Bonilla at If you would like to submit a request for social marketing technical assistance or training from NASMHPD, please fill out this application form

Tip Sheets and Workbooks

Getting Started

Social Marketing Planning

Hiring a Social Marketer

Engaging Stakeholders